Kupros Dairy

Hand-made in North London. Kupros Dairy founded in 2015, makers of 100% English sheep milk cheeses: Pasteurised Angloumi cheese, raw milk London Fettle.

Adpopting our Cypriot Grandmother’s cheesemaking skills & sensibilities, we use a creamy raw milk, made by a flock of happy Friesian Ewes in Lancashire.


Pateurised Ewe’s milk

Fresh unripened pure white cheese, as-is has a flakey layered texture with a subtle piquant, floral and buttery flavour. Fry, stew,grate, bake, grill. When cooked becomes like buttery savoury marshmallow. If charred has meaty, umamiflavours resembling BBQ lamb.


2016 Great Taste 1 star

Great Taste Award 2016 Gold Star

London Fettle

Unpasteurised Ewe’s milk

Fermented for several weeks to deliver a mouth coating, savoury and piquant cheese, mildly acidic yet floral and lemony. Bake, whip, stew crumble.


2016 Great Taste 2 star

Great Taste Award 2016 Two Gold Stars

If you are a restauent, cafe, cheese shop, deli, street food business, caterer and would like information about obtaining larger and regular orders for stock and retail. To visit the dairy or for any other reason get in touch: